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Japanese sake bar KIRAZ × IKKON BAR will be held.

IKKON BAR will be held.
A triple pairing dinner event for sake, Spanish cuisine, and sake ware will be held on February 24th (Sunday) at the Japanese sake bar KIRAZ in Meguro. As the number of seats has decreased, please make your reservations as soon as possible!


■ Sake Bar KIRAZ × IKKON BAR Overview
Location: Japanese sake bar KIRAZ (2-9-5 Mita, Meguro-ku, Tokyo)
Date: February 24, 2019 (Sunday) 18: 00-21: 00 (30 minutes before the venue)
Membership fee: 12,000 yen
Contents: 6 dishes, 6 sake pairings
Number of people: 14

Application is required. The Please refer to the following for details on how to apply. The Japanese sake bar KIRAZ devised three different types of sake (round, narrow, straight) with different IKKON double-structured interiors. For part of the course, we will use the taste sensor “AISSY” and provide data on the compatibility of sake, liquor and dishes in advance.


IKKON’s “IKKON DOUBLE WALL SAKE CUP” is a traditional craft of Namie town in Fukushima Prefecture, making use of the double structure of Obori Soma Yaki and making full use of the latest technology and design for a new way to enjoy sake. Born to propose. There are three types, round, narrow, and straight, with the same appearance but different internal curves, and you can enjoy the different flavors and fragrances that each brings out. The Please experience the pairing of sake and Japanese sake with Spanish cuisine. We look forward to your participation.


■ How to apply
Japanese sake bar KIRAZ’s Facebook event page, telephone, and email are also accepted. The
Facebook: Press “Schedule to participate” on the event page and send a message to the Japanese wine bar KIRAZ. The

・ Full name / Number of people / Contact information
Email: info@kirazu.net
Subject: Japanese sake bar KIRAZ × IKKON BAR
Please send us your full name / number of people / contact information. The
Phone: 03-3712-7277 Japanese sake Bar KIRAZ

Please provide your full name / number of people / contact information. The
Cancellation policy:
Cancellation will be made one week before the event. After that, the full membership fee will be charged.